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An Environmental professional network

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Ecostac – optimising ECOsystem Services in Terms of Agronomy and Conservation

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EFRA Committee seeks views on Ash Dieback by 14th January

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STC Man to lead national insect campaign

Dr LukeTilley has been appointed by the Royal Entomological Society to lead its popular National Insect Week initiative.

Between now and when National Insect Week begins on 25 June, 29-year-old Dr LukeTilley will be hard at work helping to enthuse people of all ages about the fascinating world of great British insects.

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Hedgerows provide corridors for foraging bumblebees

Researchers at the University of Northampton have published research on how bees use hedgerows to search for nectar-rich flowers.

Read an article in the Guardian about the research here. The original article in the scientific journal Oikos can also be found here.

STC currently have a pilot project looking at adding value to hedgrows and other farming landscape features by sowing wildflowers and shrubs along the hedge base. Stc are also looking at choosing tree and hedgrow species to provide nectar and pollen for bees during their entire active season. For further details, please contact Dr Luke Tilley (