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Trade organisations Freshfel Europe, Aprifel and AREFLH, as well as the European
Public Health & Agriculture Consortium, have called on European Union institutions to build a European strategy to reduce inequality in fruit and vegetable consumption.

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EU commissioner launches healthy eating programme for kids

The obesity rate amongst European children is alarming, with 22 million overweight children, five million of which are obese, according to EU agriculture chief Mariann Fischer Boel.

Writing in the the latest issue of the Parliament Magazine’s Regional Review, Fischer Boel warned that there are no signs of improvement, to these figures, in sight.

“It is clearer than ever that we need to boost efforts at all levels and in all relevant policy areas if we want to get the European waistlines back into shape. This was also the recommendation of the 2007 strategy for Europe on nutrition, overweight and obesity-related health issues.

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