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New glasshouse @ STC

We’re delighted to see our new CHAP glasshouse complex making the horticultural news. Well done to all involved to get this up-and-running in time to fill with projects in 2018! We’ve already run some AHDB work through the deep water hydroponics tanks, with multiple tomato projects set to fill the glass later this summer.

Latest Yorkshire Post article from Dr David George

UK position on Brexit

Letter from Steve Baker to the Chair on science and innovation: future relations with EU institutions, 14 June 2018

Future Science /Innovation relationships with EU. Some clarity, need agreement, need to pay, need to obey their rules. Didn’t we do this before except we had a say in the rules and policy.  Like being a colony not a world force me thinks.

Graham Ward

PS Today (12/7/18) their announcements says you may get a visa to see your continental colleague or you may need to go as a tourist!