Refit Evaluation of the EU legislation on plant protection products and pesticides residues

The legislation under review:

Regulation 1107/2009: lays down rules and procedures for the approval of active substances and authorisation of plant protect products (PPPs). PPPs must contain active substances approved at EU level. Before PPPs can be marketed in the EU they need to be authorised in accordance with harmonised EU standards.


Regulation 396/2005: lays down rules and procedures for setting EU Maximum Residue levels i.e. the highest levels of pesticide residues legally tolerated to be in, or on, food or feed when pesticides are applied correctly.


Purpose, objectives, scope and evidence

The purpose for the review is set out in detail in Section A of the Commission’s roadmap (see accompanying pdf copy). The roadmap also sets out the subject area and original objectives of the legislation and the scope of the evaluation (Sections B and C). Also in Section C is a list of the issues to be examined which cover effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and EU added value.


Inputting to the review

The Commission is intending to gather input from a variety of sources. Section D4 sets out how all stakeholders can input to the review. In particular there will be: