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World Food Day This is the Green contribution(UNEP) to food security debate to coincide with the FAO meeting in October

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EU changes emphasis on biofuels as food security debate escalates

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Letter to Owen Patterson on Minor Uses of PPP’s

A joint letter on behalf of all NFUs has been sent to the new Secretary of State expressing concern at the increasing lack of plant protection products (PPP) for ‘minor uses’ and speciality crops, and the delay in making an EU decision on the future support structure for minor uses.

EU Commission consultation on the future of the Fruit and Veg regime (Producer Organisations)

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Pollinators and agriculture

The rural information network, RuSource has provided a briefing taken from the European Crop Protection Association publication ‘Pollinators and Agriculture’. The briefing outlines the trend of decline in European pollinators, the benefits of pollination to agriculture and highlights options to improve conditions for important pollinator species.

Pollinators and Agriculture –   RuSource Briefing 1237 (3115 downloads)

The full publication from which the briefing was taken