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3rd Report – Brexit: Trade in Food

EFRA publishes its report on the possible outcomes for food trade with EU after Brexit  


they conclude

134.For over 40 years, the UK has shared a strong trading relationship with the EU. Brexit will inevitably introduce friction to trading routes.

135.During trade negotiations, it is vital that the impacts of tariffs on the agricultural industry are fully understood and taken account of. The Government must ensure that the interests of the industry are not pushed aside for the benefit of other higher-profile industries, such as financial services. Different scenarios will affect agri-food sectors differently.

136.Non-tariff barriers are also a huge concern to the agricultural industry. These will add additional paperwork and checks to trade, with the potential to cause an additional expense and delays to businesses. The Government must be prepared for a situation where we trade under WTO rules, and start preparing accordingly.

137.There are opportunities for different sectors to improve their domestic markets. However, this will not happen overnight. The Government must look at ways to support the agricultural industry during this transition.

138.As the Government looks beyond the EU for new free trade agreements, it must not sacrifice our reputation for animal welfare and environmental standards. Cheap imports into the UK could have a huge impact on how the British brand is viewed overseas and affect our long term prospects