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EFRA Committee seeks views on Ash Dieback by 14th January

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Sci and Tech committee report on their investigations into science transfer overseas.Relevant to Rt Hon David Willetts call for input on a forward strategy

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Letter to Owen Patterson on Minor Uses of PPP’s

A joint letter on behalf of all NFUs has been sent to the new Secretary of State expressing concern at the increasing lack of plant protection products (PPP) for ‘minor uses’ and speciality crops, and the delay in making an EU decision on the future support structure for minor uses.

CRD Regulatory Update: Evaluation of Products Containing Green Route Active Substances Following Peer Review.

27 September 2012:

This Regulatory Update sets out how CRD will deal with any changes in the endpoints and risk assessments as a result of the EFSA peer review of Green route active substances

EFRA select committee says there is no timetable for 91 commitments but tighten further the 92nd namely the peat targets.

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