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LEDs The Future of Greenhouse Lighting

Click Here to read an interesting article discussing the manufactoring of LEDs and the research currently on going at the university level.

LED4CROPS featured in BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory

LED4CROPS was recently featured in  BBC one’s Bang Goes the Theory as part of their exploration into underground urban farming.

For more information  or to watch the episode on I player please click here.

LED4Crops is featured at the 17 minute mark in program.

LED 4 Crops

  World LED Science 

Our Partners Philips are bringing knowledge from all round the world to the LED 4 Crops project . We have listed some of these below and put links where available.

UK STC LED Facility: Click Here to find out more about our LED facility.

Chrysanthemums:   Click Here for more information.

USA :Knowledge includes research into the following areas:

  • Young plant rooting/germination trials with Purdue University for the Top 10 bedding/potplants of USA .
  • Photoperiodic tests with Michigan State University (Flowering Lamp).
  •  Spinach at Cornell University.
  •  Tomato and cucumber trials at Guelph University.

Click Here for more information.

 China: Research is being carried out at the following institutions:

  1. Shanghai Jiaotong University
  2. Beijing IEDA

Click the institute to find out more.

France: Work is being carried out at:

  • INRA France: Avignon, Angers, Colmar
  • CNRS, Strasbourg


Germany: Max Planck



Helping to revolutionise the way we grow plants

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LED and Chrysanthemums

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