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Prof Goulson forecasts disaster for food without pollinators

Prof Goulson   forecasts disaster for food without pollinators  . When I brought up in field flower strips as part of CAP greening ,at recent Defra consultation,  I was told too complicated for the RPA inspectors to understand !!     It would appear this tick box mind-set  might cause a national disaster   . The same consultation seeks views on pollinators  !!  Me thinks  Defra have made up their minds and are humouring us at best but ignoring us in reality .


STC at Harrogate Flower Show

Harrogate Flower Show showcases the best of the horticultural sector. STC will be exhibiting insects that are important to the sector such as pests, biocontrols and pollinators.

In collaboration with the NFO, STC will be informing the public about the importance of insects to farmers and growers.

Harrogate Flower Show runs from Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th April. For more information please Click Here to visit their website.

Pollinators and agriculture

The rural information network, RuSource has provided a briefing taken from the European Crop Protection Association publication ‘Pollinators and Agriculture’. The briefing outlines the trend of decline in European pollinators, the benefits of pollination to agriculture and highlights options to improve conditions for important pollinator species.

Pollinators and Agriculture –  [download id=”279″]

The full publication from which the briefing was taken