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LED 4 CROPS How technology transfer is done in the USA.

Developing LED Lighting Technologies and Practices for Sustainable Specialty-Crop Production.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions /energy and biodiversity

Tuomisto H L, Hodge I D, Riordan P and Macdonald D W (2012). Comparing energy balances, greenhouse gas balances and biodiversity impacts of contrasting farming systems with alternative land uses, Agricultural Systems 108 (2012) 42–49

Conclusions  Even though the conventional systems had the highest energy inputs and GHG emissions per food product output, the whole farm energy and GHG balances were far more favourable for the conventional systems compared to the organic systems once the availability of extra land was taken into account. The results also suggest that integrated farming systems that use the best practices for producing high yields while using environmentally beneficial farming practices can lead to more favourable whole farm energy and GHG balances and the lowest negative impacts on biodiversity compared to organic and conventional systems.


I think its called sustainable intensification !!

Growers and researchers look at LED in Holland

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LED bus tour (2571 downloads)