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Six months of the B-Lines initiative

Six months into the Buglife B-Lines Initiative and the  pilot Bee-Roads project in Yorkshire is progressing well. With help and support from a range of key organisations, including STC the project is now closer to defining how the B-Lines could look and how they could be implemented.


Please click the foll0wing link for the latest full update: B-Line update 2 (912 downloads)

Latest News Peat/Biodiversity

Launched in parallel with the White Paper and the Biodiversity 2020 Strategy . Very difficult to  adjust brain to this when same documents suggest gardeners should stop using peat because of the damage they do to biodiversity  . Mr Titchmarsh could have a point !

Defra launch their wildlife and biodiversity strategy as part of the Natural Choice White Paper

Biodiversity enhancement

Practical guide covering birds and insects  for arable farmers by HCA

Practical guide to enhancing Biodiversity (915 downloads)

Pollinators and agriculture

The rural information network, RuSource has provided a briefing taken from the European Crop Protection Association publication ‘Pollinators and Agriculture’. The briefing outlines the trend of decline in European pollinators, the benefits of pollination to agriculture and highlights options to improve conditions for important pollinator species.

Pollinators and Agriculture –   RuSource Briefing 1237 (3189 downloads)

The full publication from which the briefing was taken