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Survival rates of bees improves

Recent statistics from a British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) survey show a dramatic improvement in the survival of honey bees through the winter months, recording the best survival rates since the survey began in 2007. More than 90% of honey bee colonies survived from October 2013-March 2014 with all regions in England showing improvements, compared to losing a third of all colonies over the previous harsh winter of 2012/13.  The milder weather 2013/14 winter undoubtedly helped the colonies, the BBKA said, but is one of several factors that influenced the recent statistics. Bee husbandry is said to have improved with beekeeping associations providing training, education and skills improvement supported by Defra’s Healthy Bee Plan,

Prof Goulson forecasts disaster for food without pollinators

Prof Goulson   forecasts disaster for food without pollinators  . When I brought up in field flower strips as part of CAP greening ,at recent Defra consultation,  I was told too complicated for the RPA inspectors to understand !!     It would appear this tick box mind-set  might cause a national disaster   . The same consultation seeks views on pollinators  !!  Me thinks  Defra have made up their minds and are humouring us at best but ignoring us in reality .


All our Honey has sold out in one day

The first batch of honey produced at STC by Cat Jones and Andrew Ellis has sold out in one day. Fingers crossed  the next batch will be just as successful.

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Making an insect Hotel

On the 11th October Pat Croft our Entomology project leader and Mandy Hewick went to help local children build their own insect Hotel. The children had a wonderful time building and learning more about the  insects that will inhabit the Hotel.

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