STC congratulates Hayley on her new appointment’

AHDB new horticulture board chair is Hayley Campbell-Gibbons

9 August 2018, by Matthew Appleby

The NFU policy adviser is now a new member of the board of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, who will also chair its Horticulture Sector Board, replacing Gary Taylor.

Hayley Campbell-Gibbons will take up her post from 1 November 2018. Her appointment will run until 31 October 2021.

This appointment has been made jointly by Defra, and the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments.

She said: “I look forward to helping AHDB make a real difference for UK horticulture and agriculture as we manage our way through Brexit and into a new trading environment, and, in particular, to working with the British horticulture sector as it deals with pressures on margins, challenges around labour availability, and concerns over crop protection. I also want to listen to growers, and work with them to identify ways of maximising productivity and fulfilling our potential as a sector.”

AHDB chairman Peter Kendall said: “Hayley is experienced and respected in the industry and is another welcome asset to the AHDB Board at what is a pivotal time for the farming and food sector.”

At 36, Campbell-Gibbons is the youngest board member in AHDB’s history. She brings 15 years’ experience in rural affairs, including over a decade as chief policy adviser to the NFU, where she specialised in horticulture from 2011 onwards. She has represented farmers’ and growers’ interests at UK and EU level, on movements including Catalyst for Change, The Code of Trading Practice for Ornamentals and the NFU’s campaign for a new seasonal agriculture workers scheme. She was a board member of the Gangmaster Licensing Authority (GLA) from 2011-2014. She has a Masters degree in Rural Policy, co-founded a coffee business in 2005, and has extensive national media experience.#

New glasshouse @ STC

We’re delighted to see our new CHAP glasshouse complex making the horticultural news. Well done to all involved to get this up-and-running in time to fill with projects in 2018! We’ve already run some AHDB work through the deep water hydroponics tanks, with multiple tomato projects set to fill the glass later this summer.

UK position on Brexit

Letter from Steve Baker to the Chair on science and innovation: future relations with EU institutions, 14 June 2018

Future Science /Innovation relationships with EU. Some clarity, need agreement, need to pay, need to obey their rules. Didn’t we do this before except we had a say in the rules and policy.  Like being a colony not a world force me thinks.

Graham Ward

PS Today (12/7/18) their announcements says you may get a visa to see your continental colleague or you may need to go as a tourist!  


STC are delighted to announce that Dr Rhydian Beynon-Davies will (re)join our Science

STC are delighted to announce that Dr Rhydian Beynon-Davies will (re)join our Science team in mid-June to head up our ‘Photobiology’ department. With his extensive academic and industry experience in all things ‘urban farming’, Rhydian will be a great addition to drive forward our work in this area.


Dr David George, STC Director of Science, welcomed the news. “We were extremely pleased to receive Rhydian’s application. Having previously worked with us, for the most part in our LED4Crops and LED High Wire facilities, Rhydian is the ideal candidate to lead our future work in this growing field, including in the new CHAP LED production facility.” Dr George also highlighted that “Rhydian is a man of many talents. He has a strong background in skills training and education, for example, which could be of significant value to a rapidly expanding urban farming sector in the UK. Rhydian was also a well-liked and well respected member of the team during his time here as Project Manager – everybody at STC is excited to welcome him back to the fold in a more senior role.”